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Parallels of dreams

........and everyday I am more convinced that people who do not first wrestle with nature, never succeed
                                                                                                                                                                                        -- van gogh

If simplifications and distortions are considered as mathematical or methodical steps in the creative process achieving simplicity can be considered as metaphysical one.

The simplicity does not invite critical analysis instead: it demands the presence of innocence. When this conscious effort is exercised by an artist a gradual transition of ‘childish self to child like self’ is noticed had an opportunity to greet prof.G.A.Dandekar’s paintings about a decade ago in this transitional state.

G.A.went through the academic training and travelled with the treasure of thoughts offered by J.J.School, but restricted area of academics demanded freedom. G.A. firmly decided to step ahead with the chosen and selected companions of the past. They accompanied him throughout his journey. So it was Da Vinci… Van Gogh…Going…and his favourite PICASSO.

It wasn’t style or image of these masters that accompanied him, but the temperament of each one of them that inspired him and raise an obvious inquiry about his own existences. The wind like behavior of Van Gogh and PICASSO was something he always wanted to follow, but was tough to deal with these temperaments in the context of his paintings? This was a tough exercise indeed. At this stage his rural background and nature whistled from within followed by the voice “follow your innocence”! G.A. never looked back again.

The territories of his own canvas were occupied with traditional and cultural remains turn out to a colourful blast. It was neither confused act of thought nor just a pleasant expression of good. The broken territories of his vision lead him to the parallels of dreams personified.


The expressions are colourful, Here is all that we like to know about veteran artist of Mumbai. G. A. Dandekar - His career and artistic creations.....

R. T. Shahani